On the Edge – Photographer Liz Besanson Pushes the Envelope with her Work


Liz Besanson likes to capture people’s attention with her work and that is exactly what she does. Doing all of her own makeup, hair, styling, and retouching, Liz has complete control over her art.

Q. How did you get started? A. I started photography when I closed up my boutique 7 years ago and called in a model weekly to sell the rest of my stock online. I sold lots of awesome vintage dresses and accessories as well as high end designer items and I would get really into styling my model and photographing her. I was using a Sony Cybershot at the time, it was small and quick and did the job but the pics turned out very professional looking considering what I was shooting with. I would get random people emailing me about the photography rather than the items I was selling! So I then thought about getting more involved with it since I really enjoyed it, purchased a semi-pro camera back then and open up a Model Mayhem account the rest is now history! I truly love what I am doing now

Q. Whats in your Kit? A. Well I have 3 kits, a makeup kit, styling/wardrobe kit and my photography kit. My photography kit has my main weapon, my Canon 1D, various lenses for different kinds of photography, speedlight 540EZ, ring flash, large & small modifiers, several CF cards, rechargeable batteries and some filters

Q. Whats in your Studio? A. My studio is packed to gills with lots of heavy duty equipment such as lighting gear, soft boxes of various sizes, tons and tons of props and furniture. It is very cute however, I have a seperate loung area and private makeup/changing room

Q. What do you do to keep your images interesting? What story are you trying to tell? A. I like to push the envelope just a little with my work. If its a common image, noone cares and they move on. If you show a little skin or something dark then you have peoples attention whether they are comfortable with it or not. I like to stir things up and keep things interesting. My inspiration comes from whatever I’m into at the moment. I get bored very easily so I have new and fresh ideas coming to me all the time.

Q. How do you compose your shots? …Instruct your models to pose? A. Usually I already have some poses that I know will make the shot in my head prior to starting so I will instruct the model to get into those poses for me. For the most part I work with models who are somewhat experienced and can naturally pose without instruction or very little instruction. But when a model is absolutely clueless my best advice is to tell her to pose in an alphabet shape that usually does the trick!

Q. Photography is very competitive, why should people book you for a photoshoot instead of the other guy? A. I believe that I deliver quality and creative work at an all inclusive price. I have no assistants so I do all the hair, makeup, styling, photography and retouching on all of my work for a very reasonable rate. There are rare occasions that I will call in a secondary makeup/ hair artist to assist if its a larger project.

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